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Harvesting. As you sow, so shall you reap


David from the UK:

I have had several one-to-one sessions with Jonathan and each is always a fantastic experience. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has a knack of tailoring each session perfectly to the individual. He also has a fantastic energy about him and is just a really great guy in general. If you're seeking an expert in spirituality, then I can't recommend Jonathan enough. You won't be disappointed!



I had a few one-to-one sessions with Jonathan since 2016. He is very sharp, insightful and has an amazing memory, which helps with the continuity of sessions. He connected me with the spirits of a few family members. I found his descriptions of these people very accurate, on both physical and personality aspects. The messages from the spirits were relevant. I found these sessions genuine and healing. They helped me during my difficult times. I plan to continue my sessions with Jonathan.


Dolores, from Austria, had two one-to-one sessions with Jonathan and also attended a MasterClass:

It was a wonderful experience and helped me much in clarifying issues and questions regarding my spiritual journey. Thank you, Jonathan, for being at service for the spirit world.


Mark, from the UK, had a Consultation with Jonathan:

Jonathan is a truly gifted man. From the beginning of our one-to-one session, Jonathan created a comfortable and encouraging space for us to work together. His knowledge and insights into spirituality, coupled with his natural ability to work so well with people, made for a valuable experience that I will remember. I am so grateful to have learned more about my own life, my guides and how to connect with spirit through Jonathan's wisdom.

Geraldine, from Austria, had a Consultation with Jonathan:

The session with Jonathan had a deep impact on me. His messages are clear and profound. He is very much down-to-earth and at the same time has an incredible connection to the spirit world. His energy is very supportive and empathic and I will definitely attend one of his workshops in the future.

Donna, from Wales, had a Tuition Session with Jonathan:

I had a one to one mediumship tuition session with Jonathan yesterday. I did not know what to expect but my session was amazing. He did a meditation with me and then I went on to meet my guides. I had been wanting to meet my guides my entire life and now I have met them I will be able to connect into them. So I say thank you to Jonathan for helping me change my life. I recommend him as a teacher. I will be booking another session with him soon.

Thomas, from Germany, had a sitting with Jonathan:

The sitting was very helpful and I got a lot more than I'd expected to hear. It opened new doors for me, very encouraging, very good feelings. Thank you very much again. Best thing that happened to me these days! 

Helen, from East Finchley in London:

I have had a number of sittings with Jonathan over the past few years. He is an incredibly insightful and aware medium, who does not allow you to project your views into a sitting, or influence what he gives in any way. He delivers messages and information from spirit and guides with ease and confidence, offering sound guidance in great detail with compassion, consistency, humour and integrity. He provides a perspective that is not only holistic, but that of sincerity pointing to where, as a person, you may be skewed in the depth of a particular situation you are experiencing.  Highly recommended!



Petra Maria Knickenberg, Founder of TOWOL Institute in Bavaria, Germany:

I first saw Jonathan demonstrating his gift of mediumship in a London Spiritualist Church.  I very much liked the way he was working with the spirit realm, his energy and his delivery and invited him to spend some days with us in Germany. It was his first visit and could only be deemed a great success, attracting 85 attendees to his first demo of mediumship, an over-booked one day workshop, and a full schedule of one-to-one sittings, with a long waiting list. This is quite unusual in my experience, as it often takes a while for new mediums to establish themselves here and their following builds gradually, over time. Feedback from the diverse range of people he interacted with was very positive, proving popular, well liked and  impactful.  Not only a very good spiritual medium, he is also philosophically savvy and very aware of higher spiritual truths and teachings and is able to articulate complex information and concepts in an easy-to-understand, engaging and uplifting way. We are all looking forward to Jonathan's next visit to Germany.

Peter, from London, had a sitting with Jonathan, following attending one of his public demonstrations:

Jonathan is an exceptional demonstrating medium. Very clear information, well presented and useful and precise messages from spirit. This prompted me to book a private sitting with Jonathan. It was a very special and beautiful sitting which was inspirational and touched me deeply in many ways. Highly recommended! 

Janet Watson, President, Fulham Spiritualist Church, London:

I first met Jonathan in 2012 and he has been regularly demonstrating mediumship in our church ever since.  Jonathan is organized, respectful and professional. He is very knowledgeable in many aspects of mediumship and spirituality in general. He has great energy and passion. He is intellectually curious and forever interested in learning and progressing. His mediumship is always very interesting, with amazing evidence. I always get good, positive feedback from our congregations. I would happily recommend Jonathan to help you on your spiritual journey.
Julien, from London, had a sitting with Jonathan:
Coming from a religious background, mediumship is said to be a 'no go to zone'. However after several spiritual anomalies and synchronicities, I needed answers! I searched the web carefully and fell upon Jonathan who put me at great ease with his experiences and knowledge about the spiritual world. I felt the session brought great clarity and satisfaction and dare I say a different perspective on life.
Phil Shaw, of Morden, Surrey, had a sitting with Jonathan and has seen him work publicly several times:
Jonathan is an accomplished and respected platform medium who gives concise evidential messages. The same can be said of my one-to-one sitting with him which was specific, accurate and very relevant. I would definitely recommend him as a medium of integrity and good standing.
Carol Long, President, Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church, Enfield, London:
Jonathan has been serving the Beacon of Light for a number of years and always attracts a good audience, whether he is doing a Divine Service or a Special Event. He works tirelessly, and with amazing energy, to give very accurate, specific and detailed evidential information, as well as uplifting and meaningful messages from those in the spirit world. His links often include bringing through spirit guides, as well as family members and friends. Everything Jonathan delivers is done with love, compassion, upliftment, and, where appropriate, laughter. It is always a pleasure to have him serve the Beacon.

Feras Al K., from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, had a private sitting with Jonathan:

I never really believed in the afterlife until I had a sitting with Jonathan in London recently. Not only did he fully describe my beloved deceased paternal grandmother, her personality, quirks and things she used to do, but also my immediate family here on the earth plane, in minute and accurate detail. He also explained complex spiritual concepts and philosophy in an easy-to-understand way. During the Consultation I could also consciously feel spirit around me for the first time in my life and left feeling energised and elevated for a number of days after our meeting. I would not hesitate in recommending Jonathan. He is a very genuine and friendly guy, a great medium and also has the ability to understand and relate to people from different cultural backgrounds.


The Late Nicola Sheridan, Trustee & Centre Manager, Finchley Spiritual Centre, London (to 2016):

Jonathan is an inspired, powerful and commanding medium who has advanced quite considerably in not only his mediumship since I first met him in 2013, but also in his spiritual understanding and attainment. He is honest, reliable, genuine, straightforward and has complete integrity. His work at the Centre during recent years has been of the highest standard and is popular,  respected and enjoys a strong following as a spiritual medium, teacher and representative of spirit.  Whether you are looking for a top class demonstration, high quality one-one-one sitting/consultation, or an enlightening, lively, well run development group/workshop, then Jonathan is your man.

Sue Brown, from London, and various family members, had a number of sittings, over several years, with Jonathan:

I have had a number of sittings with Jonathan over the past few years and my daughter, nephew and two brothers have also had sittings with him.  Jonathan has easily connected with my Dad (a medium himself when he was here), other family members and my spirit guides on a number of occasions. He has brought through credible evidence of survival, as well as helpful insight and guidance in relation to a number of life challenges I have faced in recent years. I always feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders and a lot clearer after a sitting with Jonathan. He is not only a very good medium, but professional, honest and reliable and I am happy to recommend his services to others.

Lorraine Baldwin, Hendon Independent Spiritualist Church, London:
Jonathan is a popular, well liked and respected medium. He gives powerful and uplifting spiritual talks and detailed and accurate evidential messages. His services are always well attended, appreciated and enjoyed by all.

Frances Christodoulou, from London, had a one-on-one sitting with Jonathan:

I had never had a sitting with a medium before and must confess I was quite reluctant to do so but I am glad that I did and with Jonathan. He has a wonderful gift and connected quite effortlessly with my late husband, the person I very much wanted to connect with in the sitting. Much accurate information and insight was brought forward and I left the sitting feeling lighter and with a great sense of relief and euphoria. I would not hesitate to recommend Jonathan as a credible and genuine Spiritual Medium.

Maureen Richards, Potters Bar Spiritualist Church:

Jonathan is a very popular, forward-looking medium who regularly serves our church for both Sunday services and evenings of clairvoyance. He also ran a successful awareness group at the church, for well over a year, which was well liked and enjoyed by all who attended.

Savou Curtis, from London,  sat  in several development groups run by Jonathan during a number of years and also had numerous sittings with him:

I have been involved in spiritualism for over forty years and have known many mediums during this time, including some famous ones. I have also sat in numerous development circles over the years, yet it was not until I started sitting in one of Jonathan's groups in 2013 that my mediumship really started to advance like never before. He could see my potential and really pushed me hard to come out of my comfort zone, believe in myself and my abilities and have trust and faith in spirit.  He is an excellent teacher, demonstrator and one-on-one medium. I know numerous people who have had sittings with him (including myself) and they have all been delighted not only with the evidence brought through, but also with the guidance given and how much lighter and better they feel afterwards. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking for a completely genuine, honest and accurate medium.

Jeanette Brown, President, Hounslow Spiritualist Centre, London:

Jonathan's spirit messages are extremely evidential, leaving no doubt as to the integrity of his work. His delivery is honest, compassionate and uplifting. He is an excellent medium.

Marc Obi, from London, had several sittings, over a number of years, with Jonathan:

I first saw Jonathan in 2015, at a spiritualist church I happened upon just a few months prior.  I was one of the first people he came to with a message and I recall thinking how engaging and positive he was in his delivery and also how direct, clear and accurate he was too.  Subsequently, after that first initial encounter, I decided to have a private sitting with him and have had a further two sittings with him since then. Each time I had a sitting with Jonathan, or saw him at demonstrations, he never failed to bring uplifting and insightful guidance from the world of spirit.  He is incredibly honest, compassionate and respectful and his mediumistic gifts are clearly strong and powerful.  On a personal level, he is a consummate professional, who is reliable, trustworthy, and likeable.  To say I would highly recommend him is an understatement.


Ramona Williams, from London, had several sittings, over a number of years, with Jonathan:

I first met Jonathan at a demo in 2015 and was instantly drawn to his energy, presence and way of working. I have had a number of private sittings with him since, during which I was given strong proof of survival information and insightful guidance which has helped me to understand myself better and grow spiritually. I have also noticed that I feel lighter and more in balance after a sitting with Jonathan.

Amara Latif, from London, had a sitting with Jonathan:

Just wanted to say that my sitting with you today was encouraging and I gained a lot of clarity from it. You are a wonderful person, it was a pleasure to meet you and will come along to one of your development sessions soon. Thank you for all your words today; I feel you healed me in some way. Hope you are proud of how well you are doing and how you are serving the people on the earth plane.

Joyce Wright, from London, had several sittings, over a number of years, with Jonathan:

Sittings with Jonathan are special. He can so easily bring forward family members, friends and also guides from the spirit realms. His accurate descriptions of physical appearance, character and mannerisms, together with names, leave you in no doubt as to with whom you are linking. How can you be sad when you have had such a memorable sitting? He simply is an excellent medium.

Dee Williamson, of London, sat in one of Jonathan's development groups and has also had a number of sittings with him:

I have had a number of sittings with Jonathan and have also sat in one of his development groups for some time. He works with strong energies and you can always be sure that whatever information and guidance comes through him is accurate, insightful and what you need to hear at the time it is given. He also has a calm and balanced presence which puts you at ease.

Lesley Aviva Bennett, of London, had a private sitting with Jonathan and has also seen him demonstrate publicly on numerous occasions:

As a reputable spiritual medium, Jonathan confirms and proves the fact that life  continues after physical death. He has accurately linked me, on several occasions, with my parents and other members of my family on the spirit side of life, both in churches and one to one. He's genuine, professional, has a good sense of humour and his fees are very fair. Jonathan is certainly no charlatan.



Ian Jeffs, formerly of Balham and Battersea Spiritualist Churches and now at The London Spiritual Mission:

I have seen many mediums demonstrate their gifts in many places over the years and Jonathan is one of my favourites. He is a genuine, thoughtful man with a strong connection to the spirit world. He can always be relied upon to give clear, truth-driven messages from our loved ones with inspiration.

Helen K., of London, had a number of private sittings with Jonathan:

I booked a sitting with Jonathan in the hope of getting confirmation on a few things I was sensing in my heart about my life path and purpose and also about my brother who passed. Nearly everything Jonathan tapped into during the sitting resonated with me deeply. It was an uplifting and encouraging experience and I subsequently booked a second sitting.


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