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I currently (May 2024) offer the range of services detailed below, all of which are exclusively conducted online at this time. One-on-one consultations and tuition sessions are available seven days a week, with the option of daytime, evening and weekend appointments. Sessions are often available at short notice. Demos, masterClasses, development groups and workshops are available from time to time and are offered either directly by me or through other parties. Details of such events, where attendance is not by 'invitation only,' are published on this website. Contact if you have any questions, would like information on fees, or to book a session.


One-on-one consultations * - typically one hour in duration (or longer if required) and depending on individual requirements, these sessions can include:

  • connecting with your spirit guides/helpers, providing any permitted guidance** on aspects of your daily life and associated challenges.

  • guidance and support on the various stages and challenges of the spiritual awakening process, the havoc this can cause in your daily life and the path to self realisation. 

  • connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world, providing specific evidential proof of survival and any messages they wish to convey.***

  • looking at your chosen life path, through numerology. This can often help in understanding your life purpose and a major aspect of who you are.

  • the opportunity to ask any sensible questions.

* Spirit connect people and if you feel intuitively drawn to have a session with me, you can be sure you are being guided to do so. However, in that regard, you should be aware that your own human motivations for desiring a session may vary to those of your soul/higher self and Spirit Guides. It is important to come to a session with an open mind and not have any specific, pre-determined expectations. 


** 'Permitted Guidance' does not mean being given clear, specific, categoric answers, or being told what to do. This is for you to determine, using your own inner guidance/intuition, with the assistance of any help or suggestions that are given in the session. 


*** While there is a good chance that those you would wish to hear from in the spirit world will come forward - if this is the purpose of the session - it can never be guaranteed. Mediums have no control over who comes forward, or what is said, and the sessions are, to all intents and purposes, in the hands of the spirit world. 

One-on-one tuition sessions - one hour in duration (or longer is required) and depending on individual requirements, these sessions can include:

  • learning how to effectively meditate, using various types of meditation (breathing, guided, etc), slowing down/coming out of the mind, relaxing and connecting with higher spiritual energies.

  • meeting/learning how to connect consciously with your spirit guides, helpers and guardian angel.

  • learning how to connect consciously with your family members, friends or other beings you knew during your current lifetime and who now reside in the spirit realms.

  • learning how to effectively open and close your main chakras (or energy centres), how to keep them in healthy working order, including cleansing/balancing, etc.

  • learning how to effectively ground yourself and put in place energetic psychic protection.

Demonstrations of mediumship - usually around one hour in duration and typically include:

  • working with a number of people in the session (usually a minimum of ten in an hour), connecting with their loved ones in the spirit realms and bringing through specific and detailed evidential information and proof of survival. This could include: physical description, health conditions and how they passed, personality traits, quirks, mannerisms,  the work they did, names, anniversaries, etc. Any messages, guidance, etc, is also brought through.

  • an uplifting 10-15 minute spirit-inspired talk/address with a spiritual focus, eg, spiritual awakening, forgiveness, miracles, etc. Sometimes a meditation is done instead of a talk. Please note: not all sessions include a talk or meditation. 


MasterClasses - usually 90 minutes in duration. These sessions are effectively lectures on particular subjects, with a Q&A session at the end. Recent MasterClass topics have included: Starseeds, Managing your Mediumship, Comfort Zones, Emotional Triggers, The Inner Child, The Soul Ages, Relationships,  Freewill and Soul Loss & Retrieval. 


Spiritual awareness and development groups - usually two hours in duration. Each session is different but always start with a relaxation exercise/guided meditation and then a focus on any (or a number) of the following:

  • exercises to develop mental mediumship and psychic awareness.

  • spirit-inspired writing and speaking.

  • discussions on spiritual philosophy or specific spiritual concepts.

  • connecting with spirit guides, ascended masters and archangels in the spirit realms.

  • numerology - with specific focus on the meaning of numbers and your life path.

  • psychometry/flower readings - reading the energy contained in objects/flowers to provide information/insight into the person to whom they belong.

  • question and answer sessions, with spirit-inspired responses.

  • learning how to open and close chakras/energy centres properly.

  • putting effective psychic protection in place.

Spiritual workshops -  typically half day or full day. Workshops can have a specific focus, eg mastering meditation, or development of mediumship, or can be generic, with a focus on a number of different areas. For some of the generic areas that can be covered, see the 'spiritual awareness and development groups' section above. 

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