I currently offer the range of services detailed below. One-on-one sessions are held face-to-face in London, on the telephone or online. Please contact us if you have any questions, would like information on prices, or to book an appointment.


One-on-one sittings/readings - one hour in duration (or longer if required) and depending on individual requirements, these sessions can include:

  • connecting with your loved ones in the spirit world, providing specific evidential proof of survival and any messages they wish to convey.*

  • connecting with your spirit guides/helpers and angels, providing guidance on aspects of your daily life and associated challenges.

  • looking at your lifepath and purpose, through numerology. This can often help in understanding your life purpose and the energy you work with.

  • guidance and support on all aspects of spiritual awakening, handling the dark night of the soul, the ascension process, etc.

  • the opportunity to ask any sensible questions.

* Please note: with regard to connecting with deceased loved ones in the spirit world during a sitting, whilst there is a good chance that those you would wish to hear from will come forward, this can never be guaranteed. Anyone having a sitting should always do so with an open mind and not have any specific expectations, as mediums have no control over who communicates in a sitting or what is said.

One-on-one tuition sessions - one hour in duration (or longer is required) and depending on individual requirements, these sessions can include:

  • learning how to effectively meditate, using various types of meditation (breathing, guided, etc), slowing down/coming out of the mind, relaxing and connecting with higher spiritual energies.

  • meeting/learning how to connect consciously with your spirit guides, helpers and guardian angel.

  • learning how to connect consciously with your family members, friends or other beings you knew during your current lifetime and who now reside in the spirit realms.

  • learning how to effectively open and close your main chakras (or energy centres), how to keep them in healthy working order, including cleansing/balancing, etc.

  • learning how to effectively ground yourself and put in place energetic psychic protection.

Public demonstrations of mediumship  - usually one hour in duration and held in a private venue or spiritualist church/centre. These sessions typically include:

  • working with a number of people in the audience (usually a minimum of ten in an hour), connecting with their loved ones in the spirit realms and bringing through specific and detailed evidential information and proof of survival. This could include: physical description, health conditions and how they passed, personality traits, quirks, mannerisms,  the work they did, names, anniversaries, etc. Any messages, guidance, etc, is also brought through.

  • an uplifting 10-15 minute spirit-inspired talk/address with a spiritual focus, eg, spiritual awakening, forgiveness, miracles, etc. Please note: not all sessions include a talk. This is dependent on the venue and requirements.

For details of upcoming demos , please see Demos page.

Spiritual awareness and development groups - usually two hours in duration and held either in a private venue or spiritualist church/centre. Each session is different but always starts with a relaxation exercise/guided meditation and then a focus on any (or a number) of the following:

  • exercises to develop mental mediumship and psychic awareness.

  • spirit-inspired writing and speaking.

  • discussions on spiritual philosophy or specific spiritual concepts.

  • connecting with spirit guides, ascended masters and archangels in the spirit realms.

  • numerology - with specific focus on the meaning of numbers and your life path.

  • psychometry/flower readings - reading the energy contained in objects/flowers to provide information/insight into the person to whom they belong.

  • question and answer sessions, with spirit-inspired responses.

  • learning how to open and close chakras/energy centres properly.

  • putting effective psychic protection in place.

Spiritual workshops -  typically half day or full day and held in private venues or spiritualist churches/centres. Workshops can have a specific focus, eg mastering meditation, or development of mediumship, or can be generic, with a focus on a number of different areas. For the areas that can be covered, see the 'spiritual awareness and development groups' section above. 

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