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Below are some typical questions people ask on spiritual matters and I have endeavoured to answer them based on my own awareness, experience and understanding. If any of the below subjects are of particular interest to you, they can be discussed as part of a One-on-One Consultation. See Services for more information, or Contact to book a session. 

Why is the world in such a mess at the moment?

This is a big question and has a long answer, but in brief, this reality is undergoing a significant energetic shift and transformation process. Transformation often involves great change, turmoil, upheaval, instability and unpredictability and this is what we are seeing in the world during these times. Energetic 'crap' - accumulated through aeons - is being cleared. Old structures are being ripped down. Old - and no longer productive - ways of doing things are becoming ineffective and redundant. Increasingly, more and more people are ‘awakening’ to the fact they are more than physical human beings and are having to make big life changes in order to accommodate this realisation.  A transformation, or 'shift', of these proportions is never going to be easy and will take many more years to complete. As I update this answer in January 2024, it is my belief we are in the midst of one of the most challenging phases of the process. 


Why are so many ‘lightworkers’ really struggling at the moment?

Lightworkers’ are here to assist and facilitate the transformation mentioned above. Many are now ‘fully activated’ (or will become so in the coming years) and are embodying and transmitting high levels of light and energetic frequencies to assist this shift. This can be very tough in a reality which is still, by and large, operating in lower frequencies and with a population predominantly still ‘sleeping’, even though many people have awakened in the past few years and many more will awaken. Added to this, in this ‘reality of duality’, lightworkers have been facing a great deal of resistance and interference from dark forces in recent times – both directly and through influenced ‘sleeping’ humans (and even awakening humans). Whilst I do not believe it is possible for dark forces to completely derail or significantly impact this transformation process, they are doing their best to cause as many problems and as much chaos as they possibly can and this has - and is - taking its toll on the lightworker community.

As a ‘lightworker,’ how can I manage what you say above?

Our best defence against any form of negativity is to be in a ‘high vibration’ (a happy/well/balanced state). Whatever elicits feelings of well-being, joy, happiness, fulfilment, etc, should be pursued. Anyone in an awakening state will need no convincing of the benefits of spending time in nature, not only in terms of energetic well-being, but also in quietening the mind, grounding and feeling ‘at one.’ Spending time with, or around, children and animals can also be hugely beneficial. Low vibrational places/people and pursuits should be avoided, wherever possible, and some form of energetic protection/shielding should become part of your daily routine, in whatever form resonates with you and feels beneficial to you. There is much written about protection/shielding on the internet and also many good books on this important subject.

I’m a 'lightworker'. Can I stop being a 'lightworker'?​

No. It is what you are. And allegedly what you (we) agreed to prior to incarnation. Lightworkers are effectively ‘human vehicles’ the spirit world works through here in the world of form, in a multitude of different ways. From what I have seen and experienced, Spirit works through lightworkers whether they embrace what they are, or not, whether they like it, or not. It doesn’t appear to be negotiable. Also it seems that Lightworkers are generally quite advanced souls and therefore, I believe, have limited freewill (see below section on freewill).

What are etheric implants/devices?

These are non physical devices that can be put in the aura of a human. There are etheric implants of the light and etheric implants of the dark. An example of the former would be a device for clearing negative energy and blockages from humans and places. I believe there are currently many lightworkers with such devices in their auras. This can be very beneficial to the people being cleared by such a device, but, depending on the level of awareness/clairsentience (ability to feel the non physical) of the lightworker, the affects of this can be very challenging, debilitating and even life destroying.  An example of a dark implant/device would be a device designed to lower the frequency/vibration of the person and distort/interfere with their inner guidance system (intuition).

What is your biggest realisation in the time you have been doing this work?

Certainly one of my most significant realisations is the extent to which humans are influenced by the non physical. When I say ‘non physical’, I am referring to everything from beings of light (guides, helpers, angels, ancestors, etc), to beings of dark (evil spirits and demons), 'earthbounds,' thought forms, thought entities and all manner of other unseen energetic influences. Most humans seemingly have no - or very limited -  conscious awareness of this. Even 'awakening' people - and alarmingly - some people who have worked in the spiritual/metaphysical areas for years are unaware of the extent to which they are influenced and affected by the non physical. 

What is the meaning or purpose of the Covid-19 pandemic from a spiritual perspective?

Within every apparent crisis is contained within it a higher purpose and meaning and the potential for significant individual and collective growth, change and transformation. The Aquarian Age - the time period in which we currently reside - is all about unity, harmony, cohesion, letting go of old ways of doing things that no longer serve us and re-emerging anew. The Covid pandemic is one of many catalysts in this time period designed to help us achieve these goals.   

What would you say to someone who has lost a loved one during the Covid pandemic?

No one is 'lost.' Physical death is simply a transition from being a soul incarnated in human form, back to its natural state of being a discarnate soul. Whenever this happens, it is simply the time the soul chose to leave. I do not believe in an 'accidental' or 'chance' death. Be assured that the soul of your loved one is fine and well in the spirit realm and is continuing its journey on the path of evolution - the only place it could ever be. 

What’s it like communicating with the dead?

No idea. The beings I communicate with on the other side are very much alive! While their physical body may be no more, their eternal essence is very much alive and well in the spirit world.

What is the closest you can come to experiencing pure spirit in human form?

By being around a new born baby. The soul that animates the child is pure, clean and fresh from the spirit world and has not yet been contaminated by the physical world. Anyone who has been around a new born baby will have felt the joy, the love and the emotion that goes with this experience and will have been affected by it, in direct proportion to the degree of their openness and sensitivity. Any human who, on a soul level, has completed the third initiation (the transfiguration), or beyond, will also have a profound effect on all those in his/her vicinity.

How do you know if a medium is genuine?

The same way you would know if a doctor, plumber, or a PR Consultant is genuine, by the quality of their work, their reputation/recommendations and also how you feel intuitively about them. I would always recommend, ultimately,  that you go with your gut feeling.

Do we all have spirit guides?

Yes. We all have one main guide and a number of secondary, or supporting, guides. There are also specialist guides that come to help us with a specific life phase and leave when it is completed. Guides are there to guide and help us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves before coming into this incarnation. They are not there to give us all the answers, or make our lives easy; there would be no point in being here if they did! 

Why are spirit guides always Red Indians, monks, nuns or ancient Egyptians?

Spirit Guides and indeed all spirits are energy. They often show themselves in human form for our benefit,

as we are in human form and most people prefer to see their Spirit Guide in a form they can relate to. In my experience, Guides often show themselves in a way that reflects their energy type and personality traits. So, for example, a very strong, warrior-type energy, might show itself as a Red Indian, Zulu, ancient Egyptian or Roman solider. A softer, gentle, wise energy may show itself as a Tibetan or Franciscan monk, priest, rabbi or nun. Also bear in mind that just because a guide shows itself in a certain human form does not mean it was in that form when it was incarnated, although it is also possible it is showing you itself as it was in one of its lifetimes. 

What are 'Ascended Masters' or 'Master Guides'?

These are beings that are believed to have lived multiple times in the physical realms as humans and have reached a level of soul evolution that no longer requires them to return, unless they desire to do so, or are required to do so. They now reside in the spiritual realms and many have chosen to remain focussed on this physical reality, with the purpose of guiding its evolution and all that incarnate here.

Are 'Ascended Masters' or ‘Master Guides’ perfect?

There appears to be this notion among the living – and particularly new age spiritual seekers - that so called 'Ascended Masters' or 'Master Guides' are perfect, although just what constitutes 'perfection' is very subjective in itself.  Personally, I do not believe this to be the case. While these beings may well have risen to a level of mastery whereby they no longer need to incarnate in physical form, this does not constitute having reached a level of perfection. Indeed, in the words of the much revered Spirit Guide, Silver Birch, himself, or more accurately, itself, a collective of synthesized/harmonised evolved souls speaking as one, “We all have a long, long way to go in our quest for perfection.”

Do soul contracts actually exist?

I believe we agree to a soul contract in the spirit world, prior to incarnating. This sets out, in some detail, the theme of the upcoming life, objectives, lessons, and key people we will interface with.

Is everything we experience in our lives already agreed before we come?

No. Many of the key people, main events and lessons are determined before we come, but we can also create certain experiences and situations we did not plan.

Does freewill actually exist?

I believe it does, but the degree of freewill depends on our level of spiritual attainment. It is my understanding that those who are more advanced on a soul level, have less freewill. And even with the existence of freewill, remember we agreed to a soul contract before life, so to some degree we are operating within the parameters of that contract, even if we might not realise it consciously.

Is the time of our death pre-determined?

I believe that the time and way a human ‘dies’ is determined on a soul level pre-incarnation and is part of the incarnated soul’s contract/life plan. I also believe there are often a number of, for want of a better term, ‘emergency exit points’ built into a human’s planned incarnation, whereby the soul, under certain circumstances, can choose to leave earlier than originally planned. My understanding is such an eventuality is not common and by and large, the soul remains in its incarnated life for the term it originally signed up to.

What would you say to anyone looking to work with the spirit world?

We all work with the spirit world on some level, consciously or unconsciously. First and foremost we are spirit. For those looking to work consciously with spirit as a medium, teacher or healer, for example, I would say first and foremost think very carefully. Consciously opening to spirit can affect and change your life in ways you cannot see at the beginning of your journey. Things can look very different several years down the road and once the door is open, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to close it. 

What is the biggest challenge working with the spirit world?

I have always felt – to varying degrees – a certain disconnection between the physical and the non physical planes of existence. It is also my experience that often times the more advanced - or evolved - the spirit one is communicating with, the seemingly greater the disconnection. The level of information given to us by spirit can also be frustratingly limited and it can often take many, many years before a particular experience, challenge or subject is fully understood, if at all.

Why do different mediums say different things?

All mediums have amassed different experiences while working with spirit and this will be reflected in their views and beliefs. Level of soul evolution also plays a part. A medium more advanced on a soul level will be able to see and access much more than a medium on a lower level of soul evolution. My best advice, to anyone receiving information from a medium, or from anyone for that matter, is to only ever accept what resonates with you on an inner level at the time of receiving it, even if this perspective might change in times ahead. 

Is it true that the more light you embody the more negativity you attract?

Yes, I would say this is correct. There are many famous examples of this in history. Just look at the story of Jesus and others who have walked the higher path, such as St Francis, Ghandi, Padre Pio and Princess Diana. To quote the Armenian Mystic & Philosopher, George Gurdjieff: "The force and degree of a man's inner benevolence evokes in others a proportionate degree of ill-will." 

What is karma?

Karma refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, whereby the intent, or actions, of an individual (cause) influence his/her future (effect).  Our current lifetime, to some degree, is a reflection of the karma we have accrued in our past  lifetimes, both good and bad. One of the best quotes on karma I have come across is attributed to the late Wayne Dyer: "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours."

Why are family dynamics so challenging?

They are devised that way with the intention of creating soul growth for all parties. Family members are usually (but not always) members of our soul group and incarnate with us during many lives, playing many different roles. A family group often contains members with very different views, personality traits and beliefs, hence the challenges! Karma can also influence family dynamics and it is not uncommon for past life karma to be paid back through family relationships.


What if the loved ones I once knew have reincarnated by the time I get back to the spirit world? Will I be able to see them again as I knew them?

As I understand it, there is a different soul aspect for each life. Think of it as an orange with many segments. Each segment represents a different lifetime, or incarnation. So, for example, a Grandad who passed when you were 12 years old, will still be in the spirit world when you return, even if he has reincarnated during your incarnated lifetime.

Why do those in the spirit world who were close to me when alive not give me more help?

This is a big question and has a big answer, but i'll keep the response brief here. Those who have 'passed on' so to speak and returned to the spirit world, after a while, move on from the life they have just left and are not as focussed on us and our lives as we might think, or like, or hope. Also, when communicating from the spirit world to those in human form they cannot just say whatever they would want to say. If you are going through a difficult experience, for the purpose of soul growth, they may not be able to assist you as much as they would like, or would have done when they were in human form. 

What is the spirit world's perspective on suicide?

All human incarnations are for the purpose of soul growth and evolution. As I understand it, what unfolds in a person's life is, by and large, what it's soul agreed to (and/or was possibly assigned) prior to incarnation. Some souls seemingly choose particularly gruelling/challenging life paths, which are often neither fully understood or accepted by their human self and, in some circumstances, can lead to suicide. The soul would have been fully aware it chose a 'high risk' life path before incarnation. From what I have seen, the spirit world does not - and would not - encourage suicide but understands why it can happen sometimes.


Is a person who commits suicide punished? 

The human self ceases to exist on physical death. It is the soul that faces the consequences of suicide, as it is the soul that continues to exist after physical death. My previous Spirit Guide, Red Cloud, once answered this question in a group I was running thusly: 'There is no punishment per se for suicide but it would not help the soul's long term progression.' 

Can you have many incarnations at the same time?

Yes it is possible to have multiple incarnations in the same timeframe. Indeed, ultimately, all incarnations are happening at the same time, as there is no time in the spirit world.

Why do so many people think they are 'old souls'?

Probably because most of us are, at least from the perspective of having had many incarnations/past lives. However, it should be noted that 'old' does not necessarily mean 'advanced,' the purpose for which the term is often used. 

Can everyone communicate with spirit?

Absolutely. First and foremost, we are spirit, but in human form we are spirit temporarily inhabiting a physical body. We all communicate with our soul, our higher self, spirit guides and loved ones in the spirit realms, in a variety of ways, whether we are conscious of it, or not.

Is there a heaven and a hell?

I believe there is a spirit world, where we all, as non physical consciousness, come from and return to at the end of a physical life. While I do not believe in a heaven and hell as such, I do believe that there are levels within the spirit realm and the level in which we reside directly corresponds to our level of spiritual evolution and attainment.


Are some people (souls) evil and some good?

I believe all souls are fundamentally good, although contain within them aspects of both light and darkness - the yin and the yang. During physical existence, in this planet of duality, some souls may be drawn more into darkness, while others may very much walk in the light.  Life experiences relating to the current lifetime and past lives, soul age and level of spiritual development all have a bearing on the disposition and tendencies of the person/soul make up in the current lifetime. 


Do evil spirits really exist?

Yes they do, although I believe all spirits, no matter how dark they may appear, contain light within them. In my opinion, a so called 'evil spirit' is nothing more than a spirit that has temporarily lost its way.


Are mental health issues caused by evil spirits and discarnate entities?

I believe the influence of dark spirits - and discarnate entities in general - can certainly affect people to varying degrees and impact mental health and general stability. However, usually such problems cannot be looked at in isolation. If someone has an entity attachment, or is being influenced by entities, there is usually a specific reason for it and the entity issue is unlikely to be fully resolved until the point of attraction/underlying issue with the person has been dealt with. 

Do addictions attract the attention of unwanted spirits?

They can and often do. Like attracts like. Often ‘earthbound’ spirits (the spirits of people who have died but not gone to the light and stay in this reality) are attracted to people through which the addictions they had when they were alive can continue to be satisfied. For example: alcohol, drugs, sex, food, etc. This often unseen and unfelt presence/influence can exacerbate the addictions of the people these spirits are around and even result in a full-time ‘spirit attachment’ (a discarnate spirit attaching itself to the human aura). Dark spirits can also target people with addictions, particularly in the case of drugs and alcohol, with users often not being ‘fully in control.’ Drug and alcohol addiction can also severely weaken/damage the aura, leading to a range of problems and challenges.

I’m depressed and unhappy. Should I take anti-depressants?

This is something for you to deicide, in consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. But as with many medications, they often help with the effects of the problem, rather than dealing with the problem itself. From a spiritual perspective, I would say, first and foremost, try to understand what is causing your unhappiness. Make changes if you can, otherwise change your attitude towards your circumstances until such times as you can make the changes, or the changes make themselves. I would also suggest getting into nature on a daily basis, regular exercise, eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and take time every day to do something you enjoy, such as listening to music, singing, painting, reading, or whatever. You should also try to deal with any habits or activities that may give you immediate relief to your problems, but ultimately lower your energetic vibration and potentially lead to addictions. These include: drinking too much, eating too much, smoking (tobacco/drugs), etc.

How can I be happy?

This is the million dollar question and I do not purport to have the answer! What I can say, however, is that a lot of unhappiness comes from not being present in the moment. Many people live in the past, which has gone, or in the future, which has yet to come. Live fully in the now, all that there really ever is. I would also suggest a healthy diet, daily exercise, drink plenty of water and spend time in nature, or in a natural environment, as often as possible. All of these things will raise your vibration and level of happiness.

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