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Spirit Guides


We all have at least one main Spirit Guide (evolved discarnate being) at any one time and, depending on our chosen life path and what we are doing, we may have multiple Guides working with us.

Lightworkers (mediums, healers, etc) are often aware of their main Spirit Guide and those who work with them. My own Spirit Guide since the Autumn of 2019 is Kuthumi (pictured).


One of the so called 'Ascended Masters' - and known as the 'Master Psychologist' - Kuthumi was formerly the Chohan of the second (gold/yellow) ray of Divine Illumination (also referred to as Love and Wisdom). He now shares the role of World Teacher/Bodhisattva with Sananda, during this current two thousand year period, the Aquarian Age. 

Although more subtle in both energy and personality than Red Cloud, the Guide that worked with me previously for six years, Kuthumi is a very powerful, balanced and illuminated being.


In addition to Kuthumi, there are several other beings that work with me - some regularly, some irregularly - depending on the task in hand and what is required. 


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