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The Sirius star system

Starseeds are advanced souls that are currently incarnated here on earth, but originate from distant star and solar systems, planets and galaxies such as Sirius, Andromeda, Orion, Arcturus and Pleiades.

There are many Starseeds incarnated in this reality at this time - and many more pouring in - with the purpose of bringing in elevated levels of light/energy, wisdom and teachings from the higher realms. They are also here to assist in the earth's energetic cleansing, healing and elevation/ascension process, which, believe it or not, is well underway! Blue Rays, Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow are some of the names given to the different Starseed groups.

Starseeds often feel out of place in this reality and can be perceived by others as being a bit weird or somewhat different to the norm. Starseeds tend to have higher frequency energy fields, are highly intuitive and possess many spiritual gifts, such as healing, mediumship and psychic abilities. They can also often consciously astral travel and communicate with animals and nature.

I have met many Starseeds in my spiritual work and usually feel great affinity with these beings.

I, myself, feel strong connections with Sirius. 


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