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Jonathan Whitaker - Spiritual Medium & Teacher

Light eminating from th spirit world into the physical world

I am a London-based, 'new generation' Spiritual Medium and Teacher, with an international/multi cultural reach.


Inspired and supported by a powerful and diverse team of spirit beings, led by the Master Guide, Kuthumi, I currently offer one-on-one consultations and tuition sessions and, from time to time, masterclasses, workshops, spiritual awareness/development groups and demonstrations of mediumship.


A natural sensitive/intuitive since childhood, it was not until my father passed over to the world of spirit in 2010 that I had one of my most significant spiritual awakenings, up to that point, and started consciously developing my gifts. I have been working publicly and on a one-on-one basis since 2012.


Although my mediumship was initially developed and utilised along the more traditional/evidential lines, in recent times – and especially since Kuthumi came to work with me in 2019 – my focus has been more on teaching and helping people through the often tumultuous challenges of the spiritual awakening and self realization process.


I am naturally clairaudient (ability to hear spirit) and have developed clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (sensing) and claircognizance (knowing) to a good standard. Those who work with me also regularly ‘channel’ (speak through me), involving no active participation on my part. This is by far the most accurate and seamless form of mediumship and my preferred way of working.

Please see the Services page for full details of the services I currently offer. 

Tel: + 44 (0) 7894 111718      Email:

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