Demonstrations of Mediumship in 2019/20

Sunday 3rd November, at 6.30pm, Hounslow Spiritualist Centre, London

Wednesday 6th November, at 7.30pm, Wood Green Spiritualist Church, London

Thursday 14th November, at 7.30pm, Beacon of Light Spiritualist Church, Enfield, London

Sunday 24th November, at 6.30pm, Fulham Spiritualist Church, London

Wednesday 27th November, at 7.30pm, The LSM, Notting Hill, London

Sunday 1st December, at 6.30pm, Stockwell Spiritualist Church, London

Monday 9th December, at 7.30pm, Kingston Spiritualist Church

Tuesday 10th December, at 7.45pm, Burnt Oak Spiritualist Church, London

Sunday 12th January, at 6.30pm, The LSM, Notting Hill, London

Friday 17th January, 10am to 6pm, Private Sittings, Aschau, Germany

Friday 17th January, 7.30pm to 9.15pm, Talk & Demo, Aschau, Germany

Saturday 18th January, 10am to 5.45pm, Workshop, Aschau, Germany

Sunday 19th January, 10am to 6pm, Private Sittings, Aschau, Germany

Monday 20th January, 8am to 12pm, Private Sittings, Aschau, Germany

Wednesday 22nd January, at 7.30pm, North London Spiritualist Church

More dates to follow soon....



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